It’s a ‘Grey’ day…



Yesterday the sun was burning down on the garden here in East England… People everywhere were preparing for a weekend of roasting their skin in the hot UV rays. But it wasn’t to be…

Those same people awoke today and glanced through the curtains only to be confronted by the pitter-patter of rain on the window sills. Their day shattered, they weep into their pillows as they return to bed.

But not me… Yesterday the Trees and the Plants, as well as us, had the chance to absorb some glorious warm energy from the sun and today, treat of treats, we can enjoy the cooling rain. Nothing like a summer shower to invigorate and refresh you…

So here I sit, staring out of the window… Watching the serpentine raindrops writhe their way down the window, each drop building strength as others combine. “Oh please, let there be thunder…”, my inner child whispers.

Just under my nose the steam from my tea cup rises with the aromatic note of a very wonderful ‘grey’ day… Earl Grey day 😉

Bright, if a little damp, blessings /|\


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