Poem for my son…



I find this hard to write/post but poetic expression is an outlet I feel helps me and my family through tough times.

As I type our one week old son is recovering in intensive care after heart surgery yesterday. We feel for any parent that has to endure the emotional roller coaster of having a child born with congenital heart disease. We’re so grateful for the ongoing support and expertise at Gt Ormond Street children’s hospital in London and can’t wait to cuddle our son once he’s recovered:

We’re here my boy…

Summer sunshine streams through the trees outside. You lay, unmoving, calm… 

A tray clatters and an alarm rings. You lay, unmoving, calm…

A host of intellectual minds chatter around you. You lay, unmoving, calm…
We watch and listen to you breath, 
Noticing even the tiniest movements,
Delicate hairs of your arms twitch like blades of grass blowing gentle in a summer breeze.
The bond between us strong, without saying a word,
The love between us forever, without the words being heard,
I see deep into your soul and pour mine into yours, although your eyes remain closed.
We’re all waiting for you, our amazing baby boy, arms wide… May the Gods speed you to us… X

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