Balancing ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ personal influences…


So… I’m intrigued… How do you deal with the intended negative actions of others?

In the time it takes me to have a tea break and tap out a thought or two, I can be fairly certain that someone I know is also planning their next conversation, business meeting, tête à tête or maybe even a blog post.
“So what?”, I hear you ask… After all, I know a lot of people.

I am also certain that those people are, in the most part, positive and constructive  individuals. In fact I choose my friends, acquaintances and business partners wisely, and yet subconsciously, in many cases.

However, there are those few, with far less than positive intentions, that manage to get inside my circle.
They are not there for long, but from time to time they get close. But something always happens… They catch their feet on my metaphorical trip wire and the empty tin cans clang from the branches in my mind.

I see their behaviour, I hear their words… I observe from a distance. My guard dogs also hear the clang and they swarm around me in preparation for a standoff. But this is not a physical battle front, this is their tactical, strategic manoeuvre and it has taken some thought and planning on their part.

So, how to respond? Unleash the dogs? Turn a blind eye or even turn the proverbial other-cheek?

People are somewhat predictable… and without the use of a single system of divination I trust that ‘Life’ will deal with them in a suitably fitting manner. So… I choose to do nothing, knowing that this choice, in itself, is doing something.

Invariably, in my own experience, ‘Life’ does teach it’s lessons… I like my own lessons to be positive, evolving and fulfilling by keeping this in mind.

Brightest blessings and may your lives be filled with those that foster friendship, love and compassion /|\