Birds Eye

hill path

I mentioned in my post ‘They’re Only clouds…‘ that I enjoy capturing beautiful moments in my life, holding those memories for recall when I need it most.

One example of this is the peaceful, serenity of a hilltop… When I’m standing in the strong winds looking down on a valley I feel a perspective shift that allows me the freedom to think more creatively and objectively about life’s challenges. I love to spend time living these moments in the Peaks and Lakes of England, and the Hills and Mountains of Wales and Scotland…

Then, when I need clarity… I close my eyes and feel the strong winds once more.

Below is a Tanka that briefly expresses this.

Blessings all /|\

Birds Eye

My feet stride the path
Upward to the hills zenith
Dwelling out of time
High and Free with graceful hawk
Life below seen clear and bright

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