Quick Links

I’ll be posting my favourite pagan, spiritual, artistic and musical links here… Let me know if there is something I should check out 🙂

Order Of Bards, Ovates and Druids

Not only the largest Druid organisation in the world, but a fantastic website and treasure trove of information on Druidry and nature-based spirituality. Plus… Their courses are amazing.

Damh The Bard

No pagan link list would be complete without the magic and music of this man! If you’re not subscribed to his Druidcast podcast then you are missing a monthly treat… And his songs are sung at pagan festivals the world over… An inspiring bard indeed.

Wyldwood Radio

For a great mix of pagan related music whenever or wherever you are… Look no further. Nemetona and Herne do an absolutely fantastic job running the station. Why not subscribe and/or donate to help them keep it going.

More links to follow… /|\

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