Stop trying…

Social media, blogs, podcasts… I show willing, but life, work and an ‘intellectually’ promiscuous personality seems to prevent me from fulfilling the quota of posts, articles and recording sessions I have set as my ‘adequate’ threshold.

Am I a failure? I think not… While not meeting the above targets, I have endured remarkable events in life, developed great things in business and learned a huge amount of new knowledge and skill. And all this is potential for new posts, articles and recordings.

All I have to do now, it put fingers to keys… turn on the microphone… and stop trying.

Stop Trying

Valves open and close fast as life essence pounds around my body,

A dozen cognitive fireworks ignite inside my effervescent skull,

If I could distort time I could choose any one of these ideas and have the temporal currency to run with them, 

But time seems to distort in the wrong direction… Hours to minutes, minutes to seconds.

I look at the clock… 21:00…. Do I have a ‘spare’ hour? Maybe I can paint? Maybe play my guitar?

No! Of course not… I chuckle and look at my keyboard.

The well worn keys could do with a clean, but how to do that while typing?

A glare of disapproval shoots from across the room… I hold a single finger up, knowing that she knows I don’t have enough fingers to scope the time allocation requirements.

It’s Monday evening… Maybe tomorrow I’ll do ‘that’… 

[cue Friday and ‘that’ is still not done]

For all you industrious, creative, ideas people out there! 👍