Sometimes, only tea will do…

In general, life is rather wonderful… Both the mundane and the magical world constantly surprise me with wonders, reinforcing joy of life.

But… There are “those” days, when we are forced to confront our darker side. Turned toward ourselves and pushed to acknowledge that life can sometimes smack you hard on the nose and feel absolutely no remorse.

It’s at these time that I turn to a warm beverage for a time out… Giving a few minutes to calmly put things in perspective… Works for me 😉

Brightest Blessings /|\

When life sucks… Make tea!

The kettle’s chaotic chorus builds,
Tendrils of vapour slink upward catching the daylight,
As I wait, watching and listening,
My mind buzzes with worry after worry.

The click of completion feels closer,
Indicating the boiling of life giving liquid,
The final seconds stretch in anticipation,
A few drops jumping from the spout.

The steaming water pours over the dry bag, beginning the magic,
Rich golden colours swirl around the cup,
The aroma of the leaf teases my senses,
My mind’s concerns halt in their path.

A few drops of cool milk drip into the golden pool,
Shapes form briefly on the surface,
As I exist briefly on Earth
Before becoming part of the brew,
As we eventually and inevitably rejoin the Earth.

I raise this small cauldron to my mouth,
The most common of morning rituals,
For a moment, if only fleetingly,
My worries fade into the distance,
Briefly… Nothing matters but me and my tea… /|\